International Federation of Business and Professional Women,Taiwan

International Federation of Business & Professional Women,Taiwan

Interational future event

BPW International 2019 East Asia Sub Regional Conference

.Presidents’ Meeting
.Young Speech Contest
.Keynote Speech:Mr. Kazuo Tase, CEO SDG Partners Inc.

.Country Reports:BPW Taiwan President Chen Shuang Hsi
.Workshop I – SDGs Goal 5: Group Discussion
.Speaker: BPW Taiwan – Caroline Chou

.Workshop II – SDGs Goal 4: Current Situation in East Asia
*How to overcome Unconscious Biases through Education?
Speaker: BPW Taiwan – Lisa Hsu

.Workshop III – SDGs Goal 17: Partnership & Future of Asia-Pacific BPW
Speaker: BPW Taiwan – Louisa Kuo
Speaker: BPW Taiwan – Simone Huang

.Cultural Experiences