International Federation of Business and Professional Women,Taiwan

International Federation of Business & Professional Women,Taiwan

Successive president

Honorary President

Honorary President Mei-Nu Yu


Human Rights Lawyer
Feminist Movement Attendant
Honorary Tutor of the College of Law National Taiwan University
Former President of the Taipei Bar Association
Founding Board Director of the National Alliance of Taiwan Women’s Associations
Former President of the Awakening Foundation Women’s Associations


Taiwan Will Be On The International Platform By Making Use Of Fliexible Diplomacy


      April 16th in 2008, Ms. Hsiu-Lien Lu founded BPW –Taiwan and it is also one of the formal branch of IFBPW. IFBPW was founded in 1930s and it can be found in five continents and over 100 countries in the world.
      Because the connections between BPW-Taiwan with IFBPW and the well performance of Taiwan members, the worldwide BPWs can recognize the merit of Taiwan. Moreover, Taiwan can go through politic barriers and successfully communication with international. This is more and more important when Taiwan diplomacy is getting worse than before. If the foreigners can understand Taiwan, love the culture and people and even support Taiwan, we have the chance to change foreign countries diplomacy toward Taiwan. It is emphasized that the important of unofficial diplomacy. As a result, BPW Taiwanese members cannot be underestimated. With the strive of members in Taiwan, China has non BPW organization in IFBPW.
      As the ‘Woman Power’ has become one of the crucial factors to develop global economy, every BPW member has their own responsibility. It is not only self-fulfillment but also to help others and the society and even whole country. If we get together, we can do our best and show our excellence to the world.


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